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Dear Whit, This weekend you turned thirteen.  A teenager!  My second teenager, my first teenage boy.  The door has definitely closed on your young childhood, and with it a chapter of my life I have truly adored.  And you are, of course, a huge part of that. I love the young man you are becoming, […]

Twelve Years Old

A late December morning, on your new beanbag, which was a Christmas present.  It’s not small. Dear Whit, On Friday, you turned twelve.  It’s the oldest cliche in the book, and also one of the great truisms: how is this possible?  You just arrived, in a cold snap and just in advance of a blizzard, […]

camp drop off

Another year.  Another camp drop off.  Her sixth summer, and his fourth.  The camp I adore. Another reminder of the dizzying speed with which this world is spinning, with which the years are flying by. Three years ago I wrote that I love right now more than I have any other moment of my life.  […]

Happy Fourth of July

Cousins, fireworks, sailing, candy, Nana’s birthday, and red, white, and blue.  This is one of my favorite holidays of the year. Grace, 2005 Whit, 2005 Grace, 2006 Whit, 2006 Grace, 2007 Whit, 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2014 2015 We missed 2013 because of other-family obligations.  I hope never to again!

don’t count anyone out

Whit at bat.  He is #3.  In case you are curious, Babe Ruth played #3 for the Yankees. This is Whit’s fourth year playing Little League in our town.  For the last three years he played in the “minor leagues,” for the Giants.  They were not a winning team.  For three straight years, they were […]

Farewell. Alleluia.

Monday evening, June 6 – not the classic both-in-white photo, because they didn’t have the same last day. June 4, 2015, their last last day together until high school Today, we’re out of school.  Actually yesterday was Grace’s last day, and today is Whit’s.  It is the first year in a great many that they […]


Part of the Star Finder that Whit made in the second half of this past weekend’s Family Science Saturday about the night sky. Our school has a marvelous tradition of offering Family Science Saturdays occasionally throughout the year. It’s a great joy to me that Whit really likes to go.  This past weekend, we spent […]

Eleven years old

Dear Whit, Today you are eleven.  As I write this, a couple of weeks ago, I’m sitting at my desk listening to you sing along to 80s tunes.  Your favorite thing to do these days is to wear your new Beats headphones (thank you, Hadley) and listen to 80s metal (Living on a Prayer, Eye […]

Things Grace and Whit do alone

I loved this post by Elisabeth Stitt about 10 things children need to be able to do on their own by middle school.  The post, and the topic, reminded me of Jessica Lahey‘s marvelous book, The Gift of Failure, which I read, loved, and reviewed this fall.  Lahey asserts, as does Stitt, that we need […]

Excited and sad at the same time.

A short-lived smile, by the flower garden next to her cabin.  Cosmos always remind me powerfully of my maternal grandmother, Nana, and given the proximity of them to Grace’s cabin, I like to think she’s watching over her great-granddaughter at camp. Right before the final goodbye.  Right before I took this, he looked at me […]