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Summer: long ago & some writing

One month ago today I picked Grace ad Whit up from sleepaway camp and turned 40.  It feels like that was a hundred years ago!  Today I just want to highlight a few writing- and web-related things that happened over the summer and recently. This is Childhood, the book that Brain Child magazine published from […]

This is Childhood: NINE

Today Denise from Universal Grit considers NINE.  She words made me giggle (Taylor Swift is on repeat around here, too) and they also made me cry.  We are coming to the end of This is Childhood and we are now (with eight last week, now nine, and next week, ten) firmly in the land where […]

This is Childhood: EIGHT

Amanda Magee is one of my favorite writers.  Her work regularly brings me to both tears and that kind of head-shaking, vigorous-nodding reaction that says someone is inside my own head.  Today she writes about eight, and, well … wow.  I’ve got an eight year old still.  With eight, This is Childhood enters the realm […]

This is childhood: SEVEN

I have had two seven-year-olds.  And I will never have one again.  Tracy Morrison’s gorgeous words about this unique, complicated, effusive age made me cry (well, okay, every single This is Childhood piece has made me cry). She giggles as she pulls away slightly and says “I’ve decided that I’ll never be too old to […]

This is childhood: SIX

Bethany Meyer, whose writing about mothering, both hilarious and deeply touching, is a new find for me, beautifully tackles SIX in this week’s installment of This is Childhood. Please click over to read Bethany’s words, which had me in tears from the mention of lost teeth and abandoned training wheels all the way to the […]

This Is Childhood: FIVE

Just like childhood itself, our series This is Childhood rolls forward with breathtaking speed.  Today Allison Slater Tate writes about FIVE.  I read this piece for the first time on Sunday, I’ve read it several times since, and I’ve cried every single time.  It feels like just yesterday that Grace, and then Whit, were five.  […]

This is Childhood: FOUR

Four is … big, but kissed with small.  Galit Breen is writing about FOUR today.  I guarantee her piece will make you giggle (those photographs!) and it will probably make you cry, as well. Comments are closed here, but please join us over at Galit’s to read her incomparable ode to FOUR.

This is Childhood: THREE

Today, our This is Childhood series is about THREE.  As Nina Badzin so beautifully puts it, “three is climbing, dancing and understanding the rules of a game.”  Please click over to read Nina’s words on the age of independence and stumbling, of “I do it myTHELF.”

This is Childhood: TWO

I first met Kristen several years ago, when she commented on her blog.  I discovered a substantial real-world connection: she was one of my sister’s closest friends.  When she started her blog I immediately understood why.  Kristen is a thoughtful and beautiful writer, and I’m honored that she is participating in This is Childhood. Please […]

This is Childhood: ONE

My friend Aidan’s third daughter, her baby, is ONE.  And it’s with great joy that we all watch Aidan kick off this series, This is Childhood. I hope you will click over to see what she has to say about this miraculous, exhausting, wonderful age. This is one.