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Reflections on the Here Year

At the top of Notre Dame, Paris, March 18th.  My memories of this moment include the sight of Paris spread below us, as well as the awe-inspiring, echoing sound of the bells and the uneven, centuries-worn stones under my feet.  I was there. Tomorrow marks the last day of Aidan‘s Here Year, in which I […]

Things That Make Me Happy

  I loved Aidan’s post about four things that make her happy.  Hers are big, important things, and I love what she shares.  For me, sometimes there are little things that make me disproportionately happy.  I’ve been thinking about some of those lately.  What are some hings – big or small – that make you […]

Parenting a tween: an exercise in presence

Parenting is an exercise in presence.  This has always been true, of course, but it’s getting even more so as my children get older.   I wrote about this a bit a week and a half ago on Instagram: “Sunday night. Snow falling softly. Just back from hockey game (3rd of weekend). Thinking about how […]

The Here Year: Happiness

Valentine’s Day evening, leaving a late dinner after driving home in a blizzard from a hockey game with Whit.  I was (t)here, and I was happy. It’s hard to believe this is the last month of Aidan‘s Here Year, in which it has been my honor to participate.  And this month’s theme is happiness. Happiness.  […]

What is love?

One of my favorite recent pictures, from last October, with my parents, on the water.  I used the photo on this year’s Valentine card. I’ve long believed that love – actually, life itself – resides in small things.  Yes, roses on Valentine’s Day are nice and weddings can be powerfully moving and the toast at […]

The Here Year: Love

It’s February, and the Here Year is drawing to a close.  It’s hard to believe.  This month’s topic is love.  I can’t wait to read what Aidan has to say on this (substantial) topic and to spend some time thinking and writing about it myself. I believe that the basic building block of love is […]

Vulnerability fosters closeness

blue post-blizzard morning This month of the Here Year has been particularly thought-provoking for me.  Aidan chose vulnerability which I think is a rich, complicated, and fascinating topic.  A couple of weeks ago, there was a widely-circulated Modern Love essay called To Fall In Love With Anyone, Do This.  I was particularly struck by a […]

That which we love

Thank you Lindsey, it is a huge honor to appear on your blog.  I’m grateful for you, my friend. That which we love Three years ago, a night nurse broke my infant son’s legs. The abuse was intentional and she served (only) one year in jail. In the course of the investigation, we learned that […]

The increasing vulnerability of right now

Beautiful morning moon, last week, on the way to school. Through the comments on my post last week about vulnerability, I met a new writer whose work I’m enjoying.  In particular, this post, Dear Lonely Moms of Older Kids, really resonated with me.  It made me think about the fact that if parenting is an […]

The Here Year: vulnerability

Aidan has chosen vulnerability as this month’s Here Year theme, and I’m thrilled by that selection.  I hear that word a lot.  People ask why I’m so comfortable making my self vulnerable on this blog, and I also am quick to say that it’s people who are real and vulnerable themselves who most interest me. […]