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the iridescent and the dark

I have sometimes thought that there are moments when you can see it all – and if not the future, then all that has come before. And I think also of the gathering net Evan threw into the water, and how he let it sink, and how he drew it up again, and how it […]

we know quite well it is not

It is not a life we are living.  It is life’s reward, beautiful because it seems eternal and because we know quite well it is not. – James Salter, There and Then

we have to take wing

We have to take flight. It’s not given to us, served up on a pretty, parsley-bordered platter. We have to take wing. Was I brave enough to do that? Or would I be content to remain earthbound? -Elizabeth Church, The Atomic Weight of Love

the days were finite, full of awe

I didn’t want to see for miles.  I didn’t want to peer into a telescope and spot the highway in the distance, the farms on the periphery the birds in formation.  I wanted to stand at the base of the bird tower and crane my neck toward Chris and Hannah, bathed in sunlight, golden.  Love […]

a species of intelligent grief

Melancholy isn’t always a disorder that needs to be cured.  It can be a species of intelligent grief which arises when we come face-to-face with the certainty that disappointment is written into the script from the start. – Alain de Botton, The Course of Love

heroism in a class all its own

Rabih’s awareness of the uncertainty makes him want to hang on to the light all the more fervently.  If only for a moment, it all makes sense.  He knows how to love Kirsten, how to have sufficient faith in himself, and how to feel compassion for and be patient with his children.  But it is […]

now and then pilgrims

So it is we connect with one another, move in and out of one another’s lives, teach and heal and affirm one another, across space and time – all of us wanderers, explorers, adventurers, stragglers and ramblers, sometimes tramps or vagabonds, even fugitives, but now and then pilgrims: as children, as parents, as old ones […]

we’re here to give praise

John Updike was once asked why — for an ad, I think, like a whiskey ad or some crazy thing — why are we here? Why do we live? Sounds like a ridiculous question, but he had an instant answer for it. He said, “We’re here to give praise.” We’re here to give praise. – […]

doubt and faith

“The fugue of doubt and faith experienced as argument and art is the music of our lives.” – Adam Gopnik, foreword, The Good Book

Nothing here is promised, not one day

…We chase the melodies that seem to find us Until they’re finished songs and start to play When senseless acts of tragedy remind us That nothing here is promised, not one day. This show is proof that history remembers We lived through times when hate and fear seemed stronger; We rise and fall and light […]