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Softly, calmly, immensity taps at your life

Tree It is foolish to let a young redwood grow next to a house. Even in this one lifetime, you will have to choose. That great calm being, this clutter of soup pots and books– Already the first branch-tips brush at the window. Softly, calmly, immensity taps at your life. – Jane Hirshfield

no further away than the ground beneath my feet.

Time after time I realized that everything I want or need – the living truth of life, love, beauty, purpose, and peace – is taught to me right here, no further away than the ground beneath my feet. – Karen Maezen Miller, Paradise in Plain Sight

wreck your heart in prayer

There are two kinds of nun, out of the cloister or in. You can serve or you can sing, and wreck your heart in prayer, working the world’s hard work. – Annie Dillard, Holy the Firm

Is this contributing to my wholeness?

I actually attack the concept of happiness. The idea that—I don’t mind people being happy—but the idea that everything we do is part of the pursuit of happiness seems to me a really dangerous idea and has led to a contemporary disease in Western society, which is fear of sadness. It’s a really odd thing […]

I confide my secret

So to you, Friend, I confide my secret: to be a discoverer you hold close whatever you find, and after a while you decide what it is.  Then, secure in what you have been, you turn to the open sea and let go. – William Stafford Thank you to Claudia Cummins for pointing me in […]

just because you have to look for it doesn’t mean it’s not there

…it’s easy to forget that the ordinary is just the extraordinary that’s happened over and over again. Sometimes the beauty of your life is apparent. Sometimes you have to go looking for it. And just because you have to look for it doesn’t mean it’s not there. God, grant me the grace of a normal […]

this, right here, right now, is our life.

But I do know this.  I have a great life partner in Sheryl, and whatever happens as I move forward, it will be fun.  And as Madonna said, “I won’t let success fuck up my fun,” because I put less and less value on success.  It’s the process that counts.  it’s the people I get […]

What could she teach him of loss?

Entering the Kingdom As the boy’s bones lengthened, and his head and heart enlarged, his mother one day failed to see herself in him. He was a man then, radiating the innate loneliness of men. His expression was ever after beyond her. When near sleep his features eased towards childhood, it was brief. She could […]

the day, the hour, and the minute

“I want to thank you, Lord, for life and all that’s in it. Thank you for the day and for the hour, and the minute. ” – Maya Angelou Adding my voice to the choir celebrating Maya Angelou, who crossed the bar this week.  Hers was an extraordinary voice and life, and in reading tributes […]

An indefinable, mysterious power

There is an indefinable, mysterious power that pervades everything. I feel it, though I do not see it. It is this unseen power that makes itself felt and yet defies all proof, because it is so unlike all that I perceive through my senses. It transcends the senses. -Mahatma Gandhi Thank you to my friend […]