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Times of change are holy

“Times of change are holy. We may not know where we are going. It may not feel like our feet are on solid ground. They aren’t. We are crossing a bridge to another part of our lives. Sometimes we may find ourselves at this bridge unwittingly, not certain how we got there, not certain we […]

there is a consequence of attentiveness

And as with prayer, which is a dipping of oneself toward the light, there is a consequence of attentiveness to the grass itself, and to the sky itself, and to the floating bird.  I too leave the fret and enclosure of my own life.  I too dip toward the immeasurable. – Mary Oliver, Winter Hours […]

light flitting over a pond

I believe in movement.  I believe in that lighthearted balloon, the world.  I believe in midnight and the hour of noon.  But what else do I believe in?  Sometimes everything.  Sometimes nothing.  It fluctuates like light flitting over a pond. – Patti Smith, M Train

The World I Live In

I have refused to live locked in the orderly house of reasons and proofs. The world I live in and believe in is wider than that.  And anyway, what’s wrong with Maybe? You wouldn’t believe what once or twice I have seen. I’ll just tell you this: only if there are angels in your head […]

an acknowledgment of great fortune and a prayer of thanks

Pru asked if she was okay, and June answered with a question that seemed to Pru to be more of a comment on June’s struggles with Lolly: Did you ever have a family?  Pru said she sounded completely wiped out, at wit’s end.  She asked June if she wanted to walk back with her to […]

Big Magic

Creativity is sacred, and it is not sacred. What we make matters enormously, and it doesn’t matter at all. We toil alone, and we are accompanied by spirits. We are terrified, and we are brave. Art is a crushing chore and a wonderful privilege. Only when we are at our most playful can divinity finally […]

I feel connected

I look up at the stars.  I feel connected: legs to earth, shoulders to sky.  I squint my eyes and see the lines that link stars to make constellations, feel their umbra extend down to me, connecting me with this parcel of land that I stand on. Everything is united: my children, the clouds, God, […]

A love affair with the world

Ultimately, I see mindfulness as a love affair – with life, with reality and imagination, with the beauty of your own being, with your heart and body and mind, and with the world. ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn I have long been an admirer of Jon Kabat-Zinn’s work (and had the good fortune of meeting him several […]

all that I know to be true right now

I’d have to stare at them all night to take them in.  It’s tempting.  I plant a kiss on each of their heads.  It will never be enough.  A lifetime of kisses would not fill the space in me that belongs to them.  In the morning, when they come for me before the sun is […]

to see something

The greatest thing a human soul ever does in this world is to see something and tell what it saw in a plain way. – John Ruskin Thank you to Hilary for sharing this beautiful passage with me.