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This is 40: the thick, hot heart of life’s grand pageant

The last night of my 30s, at the summer camp I went to for many years and which both Grace and Whit now attend and love. I turned 40 a couple of weeks ago.  On the actual day I woke up early at my parents’ house on the Massachusetts shore and drove with Matt an […]

The not-deciding deciding

I’ve been thinking lately about the not-deciding that we do that is really deciding.  Do you know what I mean?  Those decisions that we put off, thinking we’ll know for sure sometime, and yet, somehow, we never do?  Eventually, over time, the not-deciding becomes, of course, a decision. The obvious example is the have-another-child decision.  […]


closing ceremonies of Grace’s Beginner year, 2008 closing ceremonies of Whit’s Beginner year, 2010 I’m not sure if it’s because I live in a college town, or if it’s a relic of my many years in educational institutions myself, but there’s something essential in my soul that still beats on academic time.  I feel the […]

Eight ways to be (more) here and (more) happy

I absolutely love Aidan’s post from last week, 13 ways to be (more) here and (more) happy.  We are moving into the third month of The Here Year, and the truth is we’re still figuring out exactly how best to convey what it is we are exploring and learning.  Aidan and I are both people […]

The Here Year

I don’t have a tattoo. But if I did, there’s no question what I would have.  It would be on the inside of my wrist, and it would be just three words: Be here now. Being present, being aware, and noticing my own life is arguably the central theme of this blog.  I want to […]

What I wonder and what I have

While working motherhood, in all of its mess, trade-offs, and joy, is a topic that fascinates me, I have not written a lot here about my own professional life.  That’s interesting, when I think about it, since it’s something I’ve written about a lot elsewhere.  I wrote A Foot in Two Worlds for the Princeton […]

Lightness visible

“Mummy!” Whit spluttered as he came up, blowing water out of his mouth, his snorkel mask askew.  “Look!” He indicated below where he was treading water.  Simultaneously we ducked under.  I looked over and watched him gazing at the school of fish swarming along the bottom of the ocean.  The wonder was palpable in his […]

Commensurate to our capacity for wonder

I’m still processing all the marvelous experiences that we had in the Galapagos last week.  It is going to take me more than one post to capture everything about the trip, what we saw, what we learned, what we remember.  The thing that struck me most of all, however, is clear already: the sky.  The […]

Bleeding into mystery

A few weeks ago, I took Whit to his nine year pediatrician appointment.  As we waited to go in, I thought about the fact that it had been two full years since I wrote close to the surface after his seven year appointment.  Two full years and two minutes, simultaneously. Whit and his pediatrician had […]


For as long as I can remember, I’ve gotten carsick.  Quickly and very.  I may have mentioned the week-long safari Matt and I went on the summer after we met?  By lunch on the first day I was throwing up behind the Jeep.  I spent a week nauseous and vomiting all over Kenya.  It was […]