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I was thinking recently of the ways that my life – our lives – look different than they did a year ago.  When I look at this list, the fact that I feel vaguely dizzy makes more sense to me. Last year, two children played hockey and I was at the rink in Cambridge approximately […]


I have bemoaned time’s swift passage my whole life.  I’m a broken record, actually: I write, I talk, and I think endlessly about this.  Tempus fugit was almost the name of this blog. And, suddenly, in the last couple of months, that has changed radically.  Now time’s crawling.  It’s been two months since my father […]

Word of the year 2018

Well, my word came to me.  After last week’s convoluted and unstructured thoughts on a new year, and a freezing cold week with lots of snow, I know what my word is. Simple. I thought it might be peace, calm, or grace, but the word I keep coming back to is simple. This word featured […]

A New Year

The top of this year’s Christmas tree, with our angel.  That this tree came within an inch of our ceiling, by dumb luck, is one of the small joys I mention here, whose shimmer I’m newly aware of, and whose presence is a balm. It’s no secret that 2017 was very, very difficult year for […]

Thanksgiving and the fullness of life

This is always a poignant time of year, and this year it feels more so than usual.  I wrote last year about Thanksgiving 2002, when Matt’s father had his heart transplant, when the course of our family’s life bent permanently.  Last year Matt’s whole family gathered to celebrate his parents’ 50th wedding anniversary, which was […]

what we do every day

What we do every day matters more than what we do once in a while. – Gretchen Rubin If this blog has a theme (and it doesn’t, as I’ve established), it would likely be wonder, but close behind that is a preoccupation with daily-ness, with the small activities, thoughts, and emotions that make up our […]

Sturdy Joy 2.0

I read Elizabeth Gilbert’s piece in Light the Dark: Writers on Creativity, Inspiration, and the Artistic Process, In Praise of Stubborn Gladness, in one fast gulp, my heart in my throat.  Just the title made me gasp, because it reminded me of my own musings on what I called sturdy joy. Gilbert, writing about a […]


I’ve always, since I was a child, been interested in the relationship between the individual and the whole.  How do we calibrate our feelings on a larger scale?  I remember wondering how those “rate your pain on a scale of 1 to 10” signs in a hospital worked.  How does my 7 compare to your […]


I had to let the dust settle a little bit.  Over the last few weeks I have been reflecting on the summer and on the big event that capped it, Grace’s departure for boarding school.  I started this post in mid-September, and obviously, since then there have been even bigger events in our family.  Matt’s […]


The moment of change is the only poem. – Adrienne Rich Once again, a time of change. Oh, the change makes music. – James Taylor I am living in a poem, in a time of glorious music. Everything is changing. Grace and Whit are both going to new schools after 8 and 10 years respectively […]