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A conversation between grief and celebration

These photos were taken 10 years ago last week. Do I feel heartbreak when I look at them?  Absolutely. I’ve been listening to Krista Tippett’s marvelous On Being podcasts when I run.  Most recently, I heard her interview David Whyte.  It was this assertion that struck me, more than any other: An elegy … is […]

Checking in, paying attention, and friendship

an old photo, with Lisa and another dear friend-of-the-heart Denise Ullem, May 2011 I absolutely loved Laura Zigman’s Salon piece about what she learned about friendship from Lisa Bonchek Adams, The Worst Thing That Can Happen is that Friends Disappear. I was fortunate enough to know Lisa also, and everything Zigman writes resonates.  Lisa was […]

Every Mother Counts

I love what Christy Turlington is doing with Every Mother Counts.  I was thrilled to cheer her on in the Boston Marathon a week ago, and I wear my own EMC shirt with pride (see above, June 2014).  It’s a totally random coincidence, but I’ve also been particularly aware of Christy ever since she and […]

Is this the opposite of ease?

It’s Saturday morning, 6:24.  I’ve been up since 5:00.  Woke up and just could not go back to sleep.  Matt got home very late from a trip and so he’s sleeping.  Whit just got up and despite my entreaties that he go back to bed, he’s sitting at his desk, down the hall from mine, […]


I almost wrote my thesis on Georgia O’Keeffe.  I wanted to do a joint thesis between the English and Art History departments, focusing on O’Keeffe’s work (primarily her bone paintings) and the poetry of hd. I didn’t.  I ended up, as I’ve covered at length here, writing about the topic of the mother-daughter relationship in […]

The line between honoring & dismissing

I am a sensitive person.  I have sensitive children.  None of this is news. I have often in my life felt as though I have to get a grip, get over it, be less sensitive, be less intense, stop taking things personally.  These admonitions to myself are deeply embedded in my self-conscious, and I am […]


I have written at length about the Myers-Briggs, about my own type (INFJ), about how recognizing my introversion helped me understand my behaviors and preferences.  Susan Cain’s Quiet was an important book for me in that realization (and, as an aside, writing for her site, The Quiet Revolution, is a huge honor).  At the end […]

On being in between

I am in between. Everything right now feels tentative, uncertain, transitional.  It’s not fully spring yet, but we’re basically out of winter.  I’m a full time professional but I am also a writer.  My children are tweens and teens, and their departure from my daily life looms on the horizon, but they are still here […]


I shared this image on Instagram a few days ago.  This is what Sedona felt like – the sacred was all around us, and I couldn’t stop noticing it.  One day we went for the short hike up to the vortex on the property of our hotel.  We sat up there for a bit, talking […]


Part of the Star Finder that Whit made in the second half of this past weekend’s Family Science Saturday about the night sky. Our school has a marvelous tradition of offering Family Science Saturdays occasionally throughout the year. It’s a great joy to me that Whit really likes to go.  This past weekend, we spent […]