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The Alphabet of Right Now

Last night’s sunset Four separate times on this blog I’ve shared my Alphabet of Right Now (2009, 2011, 2013, 2015). The time felt right for the fifth installment! Part of the inspiration for this was the general every-other-year cadence I’ve been settling into with my alphabets, but it was also because of Amy Krouse Rosenthal, […]

Proust questionnaire

I love minutiae and questionnaires.  I have a whole category on this blog for “meaningless minutiae.”  It’s not a secret that I don’t think all minutiae is that meaningless, actually.  I’ve answered the Vanity Fair Proust Questionnaire before, but not for several years.  Clearly some answers will never change, while others fluctuate with the years […]

Things I love & things I don’t: the minutiae version

I love small details.  I even have a whole section on this blog devoted to minutiae.  I recently told friends that some of those tiny things are, I believe, hugely telling about who someone is (for example, I love to ask what people, if they’re married, have engraved inside their wedding bands).  I think often […]

By the Book

I love the New York Times By the Book column, which appears in the Sunday Book Review.  A friend and fellow passionate reader recently shared one with me with the note that it would be awfully hard to answer the questions.  Then I thought: this would be fun to try.  The questions vary slightly week […]

The Goop Questionnaire

  My love of random questionnaires and of the minutiae of our lives is well-documented.  I do think that it’s in the tiny stuff that we can see glimpses of the entire, shimmering whole of life.  I also think that random details are just plain fun. I found the Goop questionnaire recently and thought I’d […]

Things That Make Me Happy

  I loved Aidan’s post about four things that make her happy.  Hers are big, important things, and I love what she shares.  For me, sometimes there are little things that make me disproportionately happy.  I’ve been thinking about some of those lately.  What are some hings – big or small – that make you […]

Five random things

I have long loved minutiae and believe there is tremendous meaning in the smallest things (“The more you respect and focus on the singular and the strange, the more you become aware of the universal and infinite.” – Gail Godwin)  I was happy when Casey Carey-Brown and Samantha McGarry tagged me to share five random […]

73 Questions

I’m so grateful that Brettne pointed me to the Vogue video of Anna Wintour answering the 73 question challenge.  She’s hilarious, and, as Brettne said to me, I totally covet her office.  I was also fascinated by how the specific questions come together to provide a compelling portrait of a person.  I’ve often written about […]

2013: the alphabet

In 2009 and 2011 I wrote posts titled The Alphabet of Right Now.  It seems fitting to do so for 2013, with both reflection and anticipation in my mind, from a place of both gratitude and hope. Aquaphor.  It’s my duct tape, the solution to everything, and can hold the universe together if necessary.  Chapped […]


These charms are all strung onto a long chain that I wear often around my neck.  There are the shells, which I had before (Grace’s birth announcement and early stationery all had a starfish on it, and Whit’s was identical but it had a sand dollar), an enamel heart that Grace made at camp, a […]