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after playing doubles on Sunday Dear Grace, On Thursday you turn fifteen.  Fifteen! You seem so, so, so much older than you did when you turned fourteen.  Part of that is that you’ve gone away to school, and the slight distance this has provided has let me see the long shadows you cast more clearly.  […]

To my Daughter Leaving Home

Dear Grace, When you were little, before you could say “v,” you used to talk about having adwentures.  Nana wanted to get me a vanity plate for my car, actually, that said ADWENTURE. And now you’re off on your biggest adwenture yet. Back in the days when our adwentures took us to the Children’s Museum […]


my favorite recent picture of you, from last Saturday Dear Grace, Fourteen.  Fourteen.  I know I’m a broken record, a sad cliche, but really?  That incredibly rainy day when you arrived after a long, long labor – which I’ve written about incessantly – seems like yesterday.  It hovers around my experience on a daily basis, […]

camp drop off

Another year.  Another camp drop off.  Her sixth summer, and his fourth.  The camp I adore. Another reminder of the dizzying speed with which this world is spinning, with which the years are flying by. Three years ago I wrote that I love right now more than I have any other moment of my life.  […]

Happy Fourth of July

Cousins, fireworks, sailing, candy, Nana’s birthday, and red, white, and blue.  This is one of my favorite holidays of the year. Grace, 2005 Whit, 2005 Grace, 2006 Whit, 2006 Grace, 2007 Whit, 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2014 2015 We missed 2013 because of other-family obligations.  I hope never to again!

Farewell. Alleluia.

Monday evening, June 6 – not the classic both-in-white photo, because they didn’t have the same last day. June 4, 2015, their last last day together until high school Today, we’re out of school.  Actually yesterday was Grace’s last day, and today is Whit’s.  It is the first year in a great many that they […]

My child, in child’s pose

I looked over at Grace in child’s pose on the yoga mat next to me, noticing her closed eyes, her long eyelashes, the peace on her face.  My child, in child’s pose isn’t a child anymore.  A couple of weeks ago I took Grace to her first yoga class.  It felt like a big moment, […]

Things Grace and Whit do alone

I loved this post by Elisabeth Stitt about 10 things children need to be able to do on their own by middle school.  The post, and the topic, reminded me of Jessica Lahey‘s marvelous book, The Gift of Failure, which I read, loved, and reviewed this fall.  Lahey asserts, as does Stitt, that we need […]

A weekend of light and darkness

What a weekend. On Friday I watched Grace’s final cross-country race.  As we waited for the start, it rained.  And then an extraordinary rainbow appeared, like I’ve never seen before. The photo above has no filter.  There were a lot of schools at this final race, so there were separate girls’ and boys’ races.  Grace […]

The end of childhood

“The end of childhood,” the author intoned from the stage, “is pretty universally thought to be start of middle school. Generally, seventh grade.” Tears sprang to my eyes and I slid my gaze sideways, glancing at my seventh grade daughter sitting next to me. We were at an event at our local library, a panel […]