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Can’t have one without the other

Tweet We had a spectacular spring break.  The trip to the Galapagos was more magical than our everyday life, of course, and Grace and Whit, sponges that they are, soaked it all up.  As we headed home, on the last morning, Grace was tearful. In the airport lounge (as we embarked on what would be […]

Commensurate to our capacity for wonder

Tweet I’m still processing all the marvelous experiences that we had in the Galapagos last week.  It is going to take me more than one post to capture everything about the trip, what we saw, what we learned, what we remember.  The thing that struck me most of all, however, is clear already: the sky.  […]

The Big Apple Circus – discount and giveaway!

Tweet Grace loves animals.  Worships.  This was a big reason that we chose the destination for our spring break adventure, which I’ll talk about this week.  It’s also why she – and we – love the circus. Over the years we’ve had a wonderful experiences at the Big Apple Circus.  There is an intimacy to […]

Children of the 21st century

Tweet I have often discussed the dissonance that comes from staring 40 in the face while still feeling like I’m 18.  Or maybe 21. But now and then I am reminded that I can’t be that young anymore, mostly when I realize that Grace and Whit really are growing up in a hugely different world […]

28 Days of Play

Tweet I am delighted to be participating in Rachel Cedar’s marvelous, thought-provoking series about the power of, and occasional reluctance to, play.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading the posts each day and am happy to be featured today, talking about Grace’s passion for crafting and my commensurate dread of it. Please click over to read about […]

An elegy to what was and a love letter to what is.

Tweet I have never been particularly maternal, I never babysat, and I never daydreamed of the day I would have my own children. I was as surprised as anyone, then, when I realized that motherhood was the love affair of my life, the subject that found me, the role that made everything else in my […]

The prism through which all of life is seen

Tweet Motherhood is is both enormous and tiny. It is made up of emotions so unwieldy that I can’t put them into words, and of moments so small I would miss them if I blinked (and I’ve surely missed millions). Sometimes the feelings are so giant I feel swollen with them, taut, tight, very much […]

Small moments, and a snowman

Tweet This, right here: my favorite moment of the winter break.  On the last weekend, Grace made a scavenger hunt for Matt and me, which took us all over the house with clues that each mentioned a cherished memory of our time off.  These included the snow fort she and Whit had built, Old Sturbridge […]

The past glinting through the present

Tweet We had a marvelous – albeit looooong – holiday break.  There were two highlights that I can’t stop thinking about.  The first was a visit, in the snow, to Old Sturbridge Village on Boxing Day.  Because of some combination of these two factors, the place was deserted.  We were very nearly the only people […]

2013: October, November, December

Tweet Grace turned eleven. We saw the Jerusalem IMAX movie and visited the Dead Sea Scrolls.  In the exhibit, we were able to write notes that would be sent to Jerusalem and put into the Western Wall.  Grace wrote “I would like to thank God for blessing me with an amazing family and everything I […]