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Holiday rituals

Christmas is my favorite holiday.  This month is a special time for those of many faiths, but since I am Christian I will refer to Christmas in this post.  I hope it does not offend.  This is also a season that is now driven by an overwhelming institutional materialism that really bothers me.  Do I […]


That’s the inside of our 2012 holiday card.  This week, the world oozes gratitude.  I think that is wonderful though, frankly, I think it would be better if we could spread out the Thanksgiving week explosion-of-thankfulness throughout the year.  There are lots of ways I try to put this into practice in my own life […]

And still. And yet.

The truth?  It has been a difficult month.  For a few weeks now I’ve been having that world-is-slightly-off-its-axis feeling more days than not.  A soul-level unease that manifests in clumsiness, over-reactivity, and exhaustion.  Do you know this feeling?  I’ve been dropping eggs and feeling more impatient than usual in various parts of my life, taking […]


We have lived in our house for a long time.  We moved in in the summer of 2001 with plans to stay here for a few years before moving on.  As it turns out, we are still here.  This fact has several ramifications on our daily life, almost all good.  One in particular is on […]

Fourteen years

Tomorrow we will have been married 14 years.  This picture, taken on the dock in front of our wedding reception after the thunderstorm had cleared, feels like both moments and a lifetime ago. When Matt and I got married, a hundred years ago, I didn’t overly obsess about most of the wedding details (as you […]

Summer 2014

I’m starting to realize that the reason cliches are cliches is because they’re often true.  Maybe not all, but certainly some.  And the adage that summer goes faster every year?  Oh, yes.  My, that one is true.  And it’s just so bittersweet; so bitter because it IS so sweet. I’ve been reflecting on what this […]

Niagara Falls

It’s touristy and Grace didn’t like her hot dog and Whit got a blister from walking, but oh, the falls are majestic. Their power, noise, and beauty are frankly as awe-inspiring as I had imagined.   Plus Grace and Whit got a third stamp in their passports, which was a thrill.  This summer is flying by, […]

Tradition and adaptability

first trip to Storyland, June 2010 As I’ve written many times before, traditions are important to me.  The family rituals that dot our calendar year function as a kind of scaffolding for our family life.  They are that important to me.  To us.  I’m convinced that traditions and ritual provide comfort and stability Grace and […]

The Space Between

Dad’s abiding faith in the life of the rational mind is matched by his profound wonder at the power of the ineffable, the territory of religious belief, that which is beyond the intellect. I grew up in the space between these two seemingly opposite poles, and instinctively understood the ways in which their paradox could […]

Happy Birthday, Matt

Right now I feel swamped by gratitude.  For many years, I’ve thought at least daily of Meister Eckhart’s assertion that “if the only prayer you ever say in your life is thank you, that would suffice.”  I could not agree with that more, and I’m equally certain that the world would be a better place […]