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Fourteen years

Tomorrow we will have been married 14 years.  This picture, taken on the dock in front of our wedding reception after the thunderstorm had cleared, feels like both moments and a lifetime ago. When Matt and I got married, a hundred years ago, I didn’t overly obsess about most of the wedding details (as you […]

Summer 2014

I’m starting to realize that the reason cliches are cliches is because they’re often true.  Maybe not all, but certainly some.  And the adage that summer goes faster every year?  Oh, yes.  My, that one is true.  And it’s just so bittersweet; so bitter because it IS so sweet. I’ve been reflecting on what this […]

Tradition and adaptability

first trip to Storyland, June 2010 As I’ve written many times before, traditions are important to me.  The family rituals that dot our calendar year function as a kind of scaffolding for our family life.  They are that important to me.  To us.  I’m convinced that traditions and ritual provide comfort and stability Grace and […]

The Space Between

Dad’s abiding faith in the life of the rational mind is matched by his profound wonder at the power of the ineffable, the territory of religious belief, that which is beyond the intellect. I grew up in the space between these two seemingly opposite poles, and instinctively understood the ways in which their paradox could […]

Happy Birthday, Matt

Right now I feel swamped by gratitude.  For many years, I’ve thought at least daily of Meister Eckhart’s assertion that “if the only prayer you ever say in your life is thank you, that would suffice.”  I could not agree with that more, and I’m equally certain that the world would be a better place […]

Family dinner

We have family dinner a few nights a week.  Sunday, always, without variation.  And usually one or two other nights a week.  Understanding as I do how crucial family dinner is to happy, well-adjusted children, I feel guilt about this.  I wish we sat down more often.  But we do it when we can, and […]

A Walk With Whit

We awoke on Sunday morning to full, glorious spring sunshine.  Matt and Grace headed off to an early soccer game, and Whit and I had the morning together.  After a slow start to the day (Survivor, his current obsession, and an extended breakfast) we went for a walk.  As we strolled towards the library I […]

Can’t have one without the other

We had a spectacular spring break.  The trip to the Galapagos was more magical than our everyday life, of course, and Grace and Whit, sponges that they are, soaked it all up.  As we headed home, on the last morning, Grace was tearful. In the airport lounge (as we embarked on what would be a […]

Commensurate to our capacity for wonder

I’m still processing all the marvelous experiences that we had in the Galapagos last week.  It is going to take me more than one post to capture everything about the trip, what we saw, what we learned, what we remember.  The thing that struck me most of all, however, is clear already: the sky.  The […]

The Big Apple Circus – discount and giveaway!

Grace loves animals.  Worships.  This was a big reason that we chose the destination for our spring break adventure, which I’ll talk about this week.  It’s also why she – and we – love the circus. Over the years we’ve had a wonderful experiences at the Big Apple Circus.  There is an intimacy to the […]