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Happy birthday

Summer, 1998.  Marion, Massachusetts.  We were just back from Africa, not yet engaged, in the first flush of knowing each other.  I wrote about this photo on Instagram last Thursday: Summer, 1998. Just back from 6 weeks in Africa and still 2 years from the day that our true adventure would begin, in the exact […]

Mother’s Day 2015

Mother’s Day in 2015 started at 6am with hockey and soccer. There was a homemade, elaborate afternoon tea from Grace and a Minecraft firework show from Whit, new running glasses from Matt and family dinner by candelight. I’ve said goodbye to sippy cups, cribs, carseats, and naps, and hello to social media, not knowing which […]

Mothers and daughters

Thanksgiving 2002.  Grace was one month old.  Three generations, who share the same middle name.  The red hair clearly didn’t translate.  Also, Grace seems displeased by Thanksgiving. My fascination with and investment in the mother-daughter relationship is well documented.  Just last week I wrote about it for Brain, Child.  This is a long-standing interest of […]


“Why do all the good things go so fast and the bad stuff takes so long?” Grace asked on our last night in Paris.  Oh, dear girl, I don’t know.  I blinked back tears. We just got back from a week in Paris.  Years ago I wrote about my dedication to do everything in my […]

Parenting a tween: an exercise in presence

Parenting is an exercise in presence.  This has always been true, of course, but it’s getting even more so as my children get older.   I wrote about this a bit a week and a half ago on Instagram: “Sunday night. Snow falling softly. Just back from hockey game (3rd of weekend). Thinking about how […]

Looking back on the year: September, October, November, December

These were months when I was reminded over and over again of how swiftly time flies (even more than usually reminded, that is).  I joined my friend Allison in a new series, This is Adolescence, which I kicked off writing about eleven.  Grace started running cross-country and turned twelve.  I wrote about Whit’s imminent tenth […]

Looking back on the year: May, June, July, August

It was Matt’s birthday.  I joined my friend Aidan’s Here Year project.  We celebrated the end of 3rd and 5th grades with a family ziplining trip.  Grace, Whit, and I go to Niagara Falls.  It is jaw-droppingly gorgeous and wildly, tackily commercial at the same time.  Grace and Whit both go to sleepaway camp for […]

Happy birthday, HWM

Happiest of birthdays to my younger sister, beloved companion on the road and of the heart, the person for whom my son is named, and only person who truly understands where I came from. I wrote this several years ago, but it’s all still true. Yesterday I finished two of the three books I brought […]

Looking back on the year: January, February, March, April

Whit turned nine.  It was a cold, cold winter in Boston.  I kicked off my How She Does It series with an interview with my beloved friend Kathryn.  We took a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Galapagos.  Whit experienced a loss on the hockey ice that none of us will ever forget. Some of my favorite […]

Holiday rituals

Christmas is my favorite holiday.  This month is a special time for those of many faiths, but since I am Christian I will refer to Christmas in this post.  I hope it does not offend.  This is also a season that is now driven by an overwhelming institutional materialism that really bothers me.  Do I […]