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Lightness visible

Tweet “Mummy!” Whit spluttered as he came up, blowing water out of his mouth, his snorkel mask askew.  “Look!” He indicated below where he was treading water.  Simultaneously we ducked under.  I looked over and watched him gazing at the school of fish swarming along the bottom of the ocean.  The wonder was palpable in […]

Children of the 21st century

Tweet I have often discussed the dissonance that comes from staring 40 in the face while still feeling like I’m 18.  Or maybe 21. But now and then I am reminded that I can’t be that young anymore, mostly when I realize that Grace and Whit really are growing up in a hugely different world […]

Poetry and blue sky

Tweet Yesterday, we went to Walden.  As you know if you’ve been reading for any length of time, this is a very special place for Grace, Whit, and me, and we like to go year-round.  Every summer we have a morning swim there, and we also like to go in the fall, winter or spring, […]

Little wonders all around

Tweet This blog began, and continues to be, a catalog of my life’s most ordinary moments.  Over the course of years, as I memorialized fragments of my everyday experiences, I realized that they were actually the most lambently beautiful of my life.  I used to regularly write posts about these small moments, when I glimpsed […]

All you ever have

Tweet Sunday morning. Much of the time, our family of four functions fairly smoothly.  Sometimes, though, we don’t.  Some days everybody’s edges feel especially jagged and as we rub up against each other emotions protrude and tempers flare.  Yesterday morning was one of those times.  All was not well at the homestead.  Matt and Grace […]

The prism through which all of life is seen

Tweet Motherhood is is both enormous and tiny. It is made up of emotions so unwieldy that I can’t put them into words, and of moments so small I would miss them if I blinked (and I’ve surely missed millions). Sometimes the feelings are so giant I feel swollen with them, taut, tight, very much […]

Small moments, and a snowman

Tweet This, right here: my favorite moment of the winter break.  On the last weekend, Grace made a scavenger hunt for Matt and me, which took us all over the house with clues that each mentioned a cherished memory of our time off.  These included the snow fort she and Whit had built, Old Sturbridge […]

The ugly and the broken, the beautiful and the beloved

Tweet I thought about my friend Amanda’s wonderful post, Do you see me? all through the holidays.  December is, of course, a season rife with images of perfect celebrations, of handmade cookies and advent calendars and faces aglow with candles and wonder.  And I won’t lie: we had our share of those things here (well, […]

2013: October, November, December

Tweet Grace turned eleven. We saw the Jerusalem IMAX movie and visited the Dead Sea Scrolls.  In the exhibit, we were able to write notes that would be sent to Jerusalem and put into the Western Wall.  Grace wrote “I would like to thank God for blessing me with an amazing family and everything I […]

2013: July, August, September

Tweet We had a reunion with all of Matt’s family in Vermont over the Fourth of July. We had several wonderful sails with my parents in their seaside town in Massachusetts. Grace, Whit and I took our fourth annual trip to Legoland. Grace and Whit both went to sleepaway camp.  I cried as we drove […]