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So taut I might snap

It has been a very difficult few weeks in my world.  Mostly work-related, but I feel worn down and stretched thin and generally as though I am about to fall apart.  I read my friend Amanda’s piece, Love, Doubt, and Guilt Dance on the Head of a Pin at exactly the right moment.  Last Wednesday […]

honoring the end as much as the beginning

Silver bells from our tree lined up after we took them down on 1/3/16.  Time for some silver polish? On January 3rd, we took down our tree.  I woke up that morning and went for a run during a glorious sunrise, and then came home to a regular morning of coffee, laundry, and, eventually, ornament […]

Saying yes

Years ago I wrote about not understanding what people meant when they called their children their greatest teachers.  And then I wrote about suddenly getting what that means.  I wrote about that on Karen’s beautiful blog.  And Grace and Whit are still teaching me things, over and over again.  Most recently, the lesson was about […]

2015 in retrospect: October, November, and December

literally the only picture of the four of us taken in this three-month period Grace turned thirteen.  A teenager.  O.M.G. Grace had a good cross-country season, and I was overcome, yet again, with the metaphors the sport presents. We celebrated Thanksgiving with all of my father’s family.  It was wonderful. My favorite posts: Contentment My […]

2015 in retrospect: July, August, and September

We celebrated the Fourth of July with my parents, my sister, and her family.  We all loved having all the cousins together. We picked the kids up from 3.5 weeks at camp.  We missed them when they were gone and it was a joyful reunion. We spent a week on Lake Champlain, which has become […]

Happy Everything

Thank you, Sugar Paper, for your help with our card.  I love it.

2015 in retrospect: April, May, and June

Grace’s hockey team won their league, and I had tears in my eyes watching them standing as the anthem played. Grace played the donkey in the sixth grade performance of Shrek, and it was a triumph, enormously moving to watch. Whit celebrated his 10th birthday by indoor skydiving, and I marveled at his courage and […]

2015 in retrospect: January, February, and March

Whit turned ten in January. We had heroic, apocalyptic snow in Boston.  That coincided with my annual crazy month at work in a way that made February feel totally separate from real life. We went to Paris with my parents and my children in March.  I love traveling with both my parents and Grace and […]

Around here now, my ordinary life

Tomorrow I’m going to start my first of four posts reflecting on 2015.  I know!  Already!  But with that in mind, I wanted to capture what the last few weeks have been like around here, in photographs.  Most of these images I’ve shared on Instagram (lemead) with the hashtag #everydaylife, because that’s what they are.  […]

Holiday ideas

For the last couple of years I have shared some book ideas for holiday gifts (2014, 2013, 2012).  Many of the books I mentioned in those posts – particularly those for young children – are still at the top of my list.  Those favorites don’t change much.  Still, each year there are a few new […]