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The sky is full of glories these days. Hi everyone.  It’s Sunday morning, and I woke up to a glorious sunrise which turned the white shades on that side of the house pink. One of my regrets about our house is that I don’t have a good angle to photograph the sunrise.  My instagram feed […]

your days are short here

I have had Adlai Stevenson’s line about “your days are short here” in my head recently. I love his whole speech, in particular those last lines, and have written about them before.  But it’s specifically the notion of something drawing to a close that feels salient to me right now. I can’t get the line […]

Snow, then and now

Winter has hit Boston.  All of a sudden, there are snow days, snow piles, neighbors shoveling in the streets, and aggravated drivers finding roads that have turned unexpectedly one-way.  On Saturday morning we decided to go for a family sled.  There was some bickering, some raised voices, some aggravation (not the least of it, mine).  […]

Conscious of our treasures

On Monday night, I watched part of Whit’s hockey practice.  I stood at the end of the rink, watching him through the scuffed plexiglass (I can always identify him because he has red laces in his skates), and was overcome with a swell of contentment.  Thornton Wilder’s words, which always remind me of Aidan, rose […]

Around here lately

Whit spent a week studying the reproductive system in school.  On the last day of the unit, they watched a video of a birth.  “How was it?” I asked him. He thought for a minute and then answered, “Gunky.” **** One Friday night in late January, after family dinner, Grace, Whit and I spent a […]


On Saturday, January 21st, Grace and I left our house at about 10:30 to head into Boston to join the march.  There was a couple behind us in pink hats as we walked down our street to the T stop.  It was crowded at the T stop, and it was slow going down the escalators […]

Winter break

I want to remember winter break this year, because it was utterly ordinary and not at all perfect.  Already, as I write this in early January, the not-perfectness, the yelling and the imperfection, is fading into the slurry of memory and I’m recalling the shimmer of quiet days together.  It was the last time that […]

2016 in review: October, November, December

One random October Sunday, on the steps of the McKim, Mead & White Boston Public Library I wrote about the gifts strangely, beautifully, painfully wrapped, that Matt’s injury held. The word I chose for 2016 feels ironic or almost comical, sometimes.  Maybe it’s time to rethink what “ease” means to me? Grace turned fourteen. In […]

2016 in review: July, August, September

Sunset on July 4, 2016 We celebrated the Fourth of July with my sister and her family, as has become tradition. I took the month of August off from blogging. I reflected on the summer that was.  Spoiler: it ended with a big accident. Matt and I marked our 16th anniversary.  It was a bit […]

2016 in review: April, May, June

Mother’s Day, May 2016 I wrote about one of my central struggles, as I parent children in the tween and teen years: walking the line between honoring their feelings and dismissing their concerns. Yet again, a topic I keep returning to: the Myers-Briggs, and my own type (INFJ). I read and wrote about Catastrophic Happiness, […]