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Mother’s Day 2015

Mother’s Day in 2015 started at 6am with hockey and soccer. There was a homemade, elaborate afternoon tea from Grace and a Minecraft firework show from Whit, new running glasses from Matt and family dinner by candelight. I’ve said goodbye to sippy cups, cribs, carseats, and naps, and hello to social media, not knowing which […]

Still dizzy & the Mid

Still dizzy, so nothing new today.  I’ll be back soon, I hope! In the meantime, I hope you’re all reading The Mid.  I love this site, dedicated to life in the “messy middle.”  I’m happy that that one of my favorite pieces went up there this weekend, about a night at hockey when I felt […]

The primacy of interiority

I often like David Brooks’ work, but I absolutely adored his piece The Moral Bucket list from this weekend’s New York Times. ABOUT once a month I run across a person who radiates an inner light. These people can be in any walk of life. They seem deeply good. They listen well. They make you […]

Right Now

I really loved Stacey‘s post about Taking Stock (inspired by Tamara‘s) and thought I’d borrow her format here.  Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, etc, right? It feels like we’re standing on the cusp of something, spring, perhaps, the turning towards a new season, and I want to mark it.  So, without further ado, […]

Paris in moments

I used to share photos here a lot more than I do now.  Maybe that’s partly because I share photos mostly on Instagram these days.  But I have been thinking of how best to capture the week we spent in Paris, which really was a week whose fabric was made of magic, and it feels […]

A blur of otherworldly white

I’m not going to lie to you: it’s been a difficult month.  My professional life has a very busy few weeks every year (very busy – as in round-the-clock, 3-hours-of-sleep, can’t-leave-desk) and they happened to coincide with the relentless snow in Boston. In some ways that was a blessing: since 2011, I’ve gone to New […]

The Hermitage Club

A couple of weeks ago Matt and I took a rare and wonderful 24-hour respite from real life.  We spent a night and a day in Vermont at the Hermitage Club and it was absolutely perfect.  While Matt is from Vermont, this was a corner (southwest) of the state we haven’t spent much time.  In fact, I’d […]

A quiet break, the Phantom Tollbooth, skiing on rocks, a foam sword, and New Year’s Day at the beach.

We had a very quiet winter break.  Two weeks at home.  A few days before school got out, on 12/19, I joked to a friend that while some downtime sounded good at that moment I was also pretty sure we’d all be at each others’ throats within a couple of days.  I’m happy to say […]

Looking back on the year: September, October, November, December

These were months when I was reminded over and over again of how swiftly time flies (even more than usually reminded, that is).  I joined my friend Allison in a new series, This is Adolescence, which I kicked off writing about eleven.  Grace started running cross-country and turned twelve.  I wrote about Whit’s imminent tenth […]

Looking back on the year: May, June, July, August

It was Matt’s birthday.  I joined my friend Aidan’s Here Year project.  We celebrated the end of 3rd and 5th grades with a family ziplining trip.  Grace, Whit, and I go to Niagara Falls.  It is jaw-droppingly gorgeous and wildly, tackily commercial at the same time.  Grace and Whit both go to sleepaway camp for […]