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Hair trigger

It hasn’t been a very calm few months at our house.  Which is strange, because in other ways it’s been very calm.  We haven’t done much other than work, physical therapy, and homework (me, Matt, and kids, in that order).  But everybody feels frayed and tense, not to mention tired, and we seem to be […]

The new world

Moon rising, November 12th.  This made me think of Desiderata, “With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.”  I hope that is true. I went to bed on election night around 10:30, full of Tylenol PM and a deep foreboding about what was coming, even though it wasn’t yet […]

Today. Tomorrow.

Grace and Whit with me as I voted for Hillary Clinton for president, last Saturday, October 29th I’ve resisted saying anything political here.  Ever.  I’m not strongly aligned with either political party, have voted for Democrats and Republicans (notably, always in Massachusetts), and deliberately retain my Independent status. I do have some issues I feel […]

That was then

Halloween 2005.  Chicken and egg.  It feels like yesterday, truly. This is now.  My new 14 year old and my almost-12 year old. Oh, time.

What’s your patronus, lightning, and other morning thoughts

The chapel at Middlesex School.  I was early to an xc race on Saturday and my habit when I’m early (which is basically always, whether to a sports event or a work thing) is to find the chapel.  I love the light streaming through those high windows. I’ve been waking up at dawn.  I think […]

Around here lately

It’s been a while since I shared snapshots of what’s going on around here.  I realize I tend to do that more and more on Instagram these days.  It’s been a quiet fall, with a lot of time at home following a rough couple of weeks, and in a weird way as we come out […]

Early October

Photo on Sunday morning, doing errands with Grace and Whit in Boston.  We also stopped by one of my favorite buildings, the Boston Public Library.  I’m writing this on Saturday afternoon.  Whit is doing homework in his room, down the short hall from my office.  Matt is reading on the first floor.  Grace is at […]

Gifts strangely, beautifully, painfully wrapped

Whit, reading one evening by Matt’s first-floor bed It’s not a secret that September was difficult around here.  Late August and early October, too, if I’m being honest.  We aren’t yet finished with this season.  Matt’s recovery is long and slow.  But this particular moment when life screeched to a halt other than the absolutely […]

Summer 2016

I think this is my favorite photo from the summer.  Sunset, no filter, July 4th, Marion, Massachusetts. Summer 2016 was uneventful and calm until the end, when it was far too eventful.  June, July, and the first half of August held lots of family time and a bunch of no-child time and many books and […]

camp drop off

Another year.  Another camp drop off.  Her sixth summer, and his fourth.  The camp I adore. Another reminder of the dizzying speed with which this world is spinning, with which the years are flying by. Three years ago I wrote that I love right now more than I have any other moment of my life.  […]