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Another year, another camp drop off

Leaving home, early Thursday morning Last week we took Grace and Whit to camp.  This is Grace’s fourth summer, and Whit’s second.  The drop-off doesn’t get easier.  I’m realizing that’s because the experience forces me to confront where we are right now, and in so doing to reckon with all that is already past.  It […]

In the noticing is the magic

Last week, my dear friend Pam left a comment here in which she mentioned her realization that “in the noticing is the magic.” I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that.  Pam’s one powerful sentence startled me, and has suddenly made so much clear.  I write ad nauseum about all the magic I see […]

As Much As the Sky

“And in between those days and now there yawns an enormous gulf, an eternity of bathtimes, so many of which, if I’m honest, felt like a chore that I had to suffer through, a final slog before the relief of bedtime. How did I not value every single one? Splashing in the water, tickling Whit’s […]

Overwhelming awareness of this life’s sweetness

Grace and Whit have just finished two remarkably joyful and relaxed weeks with my parents on the coast of Massachusetts.  One day last week, I left Boston early in the morning and went down for the day to work from there so that I could surprise them at camp pickup.  My work phone has been […]

Deep in the heart of summer

We are entering the heart of summer. These are the days that I live for the weekend, when the children stay up late and we laugh a lot and jump off the boat into the ocean and curl up on the couch and watch Wimbledon until the middle of the day. They are the days […]

A benediction and an elegy all at once

I am already nostalgic for those early weeks of camp, for June, for when summer was brand new and unfurled in front of us, shimmering. Early in those mornings, I drove Whit to meet the bus to hockey camp.  We were always early.  Two weeks is plenty of time for a tradition to develop: he […]

Notes all around

Several weeks ago I read a wonderful piece by Wendy Bradford post about the small notes she and her children leave each other.  It made me smile, because this is a way that Grace, Whit, Matt, and I communicate too.  The themes of the notes have changed over time, but we have always written small […]

Ziplining and online highs

This weekend was our annual visit to Conway to celebrate the end of the year.  I’ve got a post in my head that I want to write about the adaptability of traditions and the tension between ritual and new adventures.  So, I will save details for that.  But while I was gone, two great things […]

Family dinner

We have family dinner a few nights a week.  Sunday, always, without variation.  And usually one or two other nights a week.  Understanding as I do how crucial family dinner is to happy, well-adjusted children, I feel guilt about this.  I wish we sat down more often.  But we do it when we can, and […]

Lightness visible

“Mummy!” Whit spluttered as he came up, blowing water out of his mouth, his snorkel mask askew.  “Look!” He indicated below where he was treading water.  Simultaneously we ducked under.  I looked over and watched him gazing at the school of fish swarming along the bottom of the ocean.  The wonder was palpable in his […]