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Holiday ideas

For the last couple of years I have shared some book ideas for holiday gifts (2014, 2013, 2012).  Many of the books I mentioned in those posts – particularly those for young children – are still at the top of my list.  Those favorites don’t change much.  Still, each year there are a few new […]

A weekend of light and darkness

What a weekend. On Friday I watched Grace’s final cross-country race.  As we waited for the start, it rained.  And then an extraordinary rainbow appeared, like I’ve never seen before. The photo above has no filter.  There were a lot of schools at this final race, so there were separate girls’ and boys’ races.  Grace […]

Around here

I used to share photo posts more often, and I want to return to that practice.  It helps me see all the breathtaking beauty in my own life. I do share photos on Instagram, but I hope to so here more frequently. We’re in the thick of fall now, the rhythms established, the pace fast. […]

A new year

Sunset on our last evening walk to the harbor, August 29, 2015.  This is the place where we celebrated our wedding, (15 years ago Wednesday!), and I love that we so regularly visit it during the summer with our children. I loved Jena Schwartz’s post about her Blue Moon Vows.  Truthfully, I have never been […]

Summer 2015

August sunrise, Cambridge MA Summer 2015 was replete with memories and full of the intertwined joy and sorrow that I now recognize as the fundamental rhythm of my life. In June, we went to Canobie Lake Park to celebrate school being out.  Grace graduated from 6th grade, which I vividly recall doing myself.  Some combination […]

They are not long, the days of Percy Jackson and nail art

These are days so swollen and wonderful I can barely look at them directly because my heart aches.  It feels like staring into the sun.  I’m so aware of time flying through my fingers even as I grasp at it.  We’re more than halfway through the summer.  This week the children go to sleepaway camp.  […]

World Cup

Like so many others, I loved watching the Women’s World Cup and was deeply moved by the United States team’s decisive triumph on Sunday night.  The sea of red, white, and blue and the national anthem all felt incredibly fitting at the end of the Fourth of July weekend, but more than anything, I was […]

Everyday life

I use the hashtag #everydaylife on Instagram a lot.  My goal is to convey the deep appreciation I have for my own ordinary existence.  Am I sometimes frustrated, cranky, tired, and ungrateful?  You bet.  Am I even more often thankful, aware to the point of pain, and struck with wonder?  No question. So, I thought […]

The second half

There is so much beauty in my front yard.  No, this metaphor doesn’t escape me. Last Friday morning, I spilled an entire cup of coffee on my laptop.  It died immediately.  I spent the next several hours at the Apple store, then, once home, on the phone with Apple customer service because setting up the […]

Selfie sticks at the Louvre

Grace and my father at the Louvre.  All the selfie-takers were focused on the more famous art, and this room was deserted. “The stick is the sword in the selfie army,” my 10 year old son observed as we walked underneath the Eiffel Tower, last month in Paris. I looked at him, laughed, and dodged […]