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Friendship, attention, and history

The mountain lake that we hiked to on Saturday morning This month, Aidan has chosen Friendship as the topic of our Here Year.  The topic is near to my heart and the timing is perfect.  I just returned from my annual reunion with my dearest friends from college.  It was a marvelous, sunny weekend of […]

Time folds like an accordion

On Friday, Grace ran her first cross-country meet.  She was nervous, I was not there, and she did well.  She did really well. I met her after the meet and we went straight to the airport to pick up her dearest friend from camp, J.  J is the daughter of my old and dearest friend, […]

Thoughts on 40: female friends

Didn’t know what photo to include.  I didn’t feel right posting people so here, enjoy some of my favorite flower! Turning 40 made me reflective. No surprise here.  There is a lot on my mind.  Some of it is good, because let’s face it, aging is a privilege, and I’m aware of it, and fully […]

The Here Year

I don’t have a tattoo. But if I did, there’s no question what I would have.  It would be on the inside of my wrist, and it would be just three words: Be here now. Being present, being aware, and noticing my own life is arguably the central theme of this blog.  I want to […]

Magical Journey – in paperback, and a giveaway

At the end of this post, there are details on how to win a copy of Magical Journey!   I am republishing this review in honor of Magical Journey’s paperback release.  Please leave a comment to be entered to win a free copy! To say that I was excited to read Katrina Kenison’s new book, Magical […]

You are with me and I am with you.

Last September, with two of these friends I am off to spend this weekend with my dearest friends.  We met when we were 18, which means we have now known each other more than half of our lives.  We are all the same age.  We are walking through life together.  They are among the closest […]

In the crucible

I am richly blessed with marvelous friends.  I laughed when I read an article recently that debunked myths about introverts.  “Introverts hate people,” it argued, is absolutely untrue.  It’s just that it takes a while to earn an introvert’s true trust, and once you do, you have a loyal friend for life.  This is unquestionably […]

Friends who are family

Several years ago Matt called one of our closest friends, C, on April Fool’s Day.  In a panicked voice he told her that I was at work in Providence, he was in New York, and Grace had fallen at school and broken a bone.  He hated to ask, but could she go to the hospital?  […]


Last night we celebrated the solstice, as we do every year.  Grace and Whit joined us for the first, and last, time.  My thoughts on the solstice, darkness and light, and my family’s many-year tradition are here, on the Huffington Post. And today, we turn back towards the light.

Lifetime friendships in numbers

Last weekend my group of college friends held our third annual reunion-of-sorts.  The first year went to Florida.  The second year, Rhode Island.  This year, we met at the Jersey shore, at the house where so many of our most treasured (and, sometimes, blurriest) college memories took place.  We were 15 strong: 14 adult women […]