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Ready for Air – and a giveaway!

I dove into Kate Hopper’s Ready for Air eagerly, knowing already that I love her voice and fascinated to read about her experience delivering and mothering a preemie, and I was not disappointed.  The fact that Kate makes so specific a story universally relatable speaks to her power as a writer.  She uses her personal […]

Two of my favorite things: books & surveys

Katie Noah Gibson’s blog always makes me smile.  It also makes me wish I could read faster, more, more more.  She writes thoughtful book reviews and inspiring posts about her town (which is also my town!).  I loved this “bookish survey” which combines two of my great loves – books and lists of random minutiae […]

Still Writing

I’ve been waiting for Still Writing for a long time, ever since Dani first mentioned her new project to our class, sitting in her living room, surrounded by books.  Oh, those books!  Those books, alphabetized by author’s name and categorized by type, over which my eyes glided so many times during the hours I was […]

Delight in Everyday Moments

I am really happy to be at Raising Loveliness today, sharing a couple of things lately that have caused me to gasp and think: what a wonderful world. Becky is today launching a free ebook called Awakening Wonder:  Discovering Delight in Everyday Moments.  I am genuinely honored to be a contributor.  Learn more about it […]

Early Decision

I have known Lacy Crawford a long, long time.  We met our freshman year in college and both, I think, recognized a kindred spirit.  We shared long walks on our campus’s tow path, an awareness of how the texture of light changes throughout a day and throughout a year, a deep respect for the solstice, […]


I couldn’t wait to read my friend Lauren Miller’s debut novel, Parallel.  I was already wowed by what I knew of Lauren’s story, that she’d written the first draft of this book during her daughter’s infancy.  Then, I read Parallel and found it an entirely engrossing, tremendously fun experience. Parallel is a compulsively readable story […]

The Engagements

I couldn’t wait to read Courtney Sullivan’s new novel, The Engagements, which comes out June 12th.  I was fortunate enough to read it recently (for disclosure, we share an agent, and I was given an advance copy.  The views expressed here are absolutely my own). The Engagements opens in 1947, late at night, as Frances, an advertising […]

Home Away- and a giveaway

Anyone who’s been reading here for a bit knows how passionately I loved Launa’s account of her family’s year in France, Wherever Launa Goes.  Imagine my delight, then, when I received her book, which tells the story of what she discovered in her year away from home.  I don’t think it’s giving anything away to […]

GIVEAWAY: The Cassoulet Saved Our Marriage

When my copy of The Cassoulet Saved Our Marriage, I opened it hurriedly and dove in.  One of the editors, Lisa Catherine Harper, is both a friend and a writer I adore.  I read, loved, and reviewed her first book, A Double Life: Discovering Motherhood.  Other writers I love, like Deborah Kopaken Cogan and Catherine […]

The Still Point of the Turning World

I was hesitant to review Emily Rapp’s beautiful memoir, The Still Point of the Turning World, because I worried that writing about how I related to her story would trivialize what she experienced. But the book haunted me.  I couldn’t turn around, interact with my children, or look out the window without thinking of Emily […]