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An American Childhood

Annie Dillard has been one of my very favorite writers for a long, long time.  A search of this blog’s archives brings up fully 2 pages of posts that reference her.  It is frankly inexplicable, then, that I hadn’t read An American Childhood before.  Perhaps the reason is that I was waiting for the precisely […]


I love book dedications.  They are always the first thing I read in a book.  One of the kindest things anyone has ever said to me is that I taught that person to always read the dedication in a book.  This was, naturally, written inside the front cover of a book that was a gift […]

Glitter and Glue

I am a big Kelly Corrigan fan.  Her video, with its tag line we won’t come back here, brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it.  I loved The Middle Place.  I have forced many friends to listen to me read her essay about turning 40, and her sustaining female friendships, which makes […]

Magical Journey – in paperback, and a giveaway

At the end of this post, there are details on how to win a copy of Magical Journey!   I am republishing this review in honor of Magical Journey’s paperback release.  Please leave a comment to be entered to win a free copy! To say that I was excited to read Katrina Kenison’s new book, Magical […]

Books: always the best gift

Books are always, without exception, my go-to gift.  Christmas is coming up, so I have some stacks downstairs, but I also turn to book for birthdays, hostess gifts, and sometimes for no reason at all.  Today on Great New Books I discuss my absolute favorite book of 2013, but I wanted to also share a […]

The HerStories Project

My friends are vitally important to me.  I’ve written about them ad nauseum, from examination of which points in life are the most fertile for making friends to love letters to my sister, my first friend.  I write less about the messy moments in my friendships, but rest assured, I have those too. I am […]

Women At Risk

It’s been a pleasure to meet many online friends in real life.  One of my favorites is Christine Koh, whose site Boston Mamas I am happy to contribute to.  Christine and I are the same age, we live in the same city, we have daughters who are contemporaries, and she is just all-around fantastic.  She […]

Ready for Air – and a giveaway!

I dove into Kate Hopper’s Ready for Air eagerly, knowing already that I love her voice and fascinated to read about her experience delivering and mothering a preemie, and I was not disappointed.  The fact that Kate makes so specific a story universally relatable speaks to her power as a writer.  She uses her personal […]

Two of my favorite things: books & surveys

Katie Noah Gibson’s blog always makes me smile.  It also makes me wish I could read faster, more, more more.  She writes thoughtful book reviews and inspiring posts about her town (which is also my town!).  I loved this “bookish survey” which combines two of my great loves – books and lists of random minutiae […]

Still Writing

I’ve been waiting for Still Writing for a long time, ever since Dani first mentioned her new project to our class, sitting in her living room, surrounded by books.  Oh, those books!  Those books, alphabetized by author’s name and categorized by type, over which my eyes glided so many times during the hours I was […]