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2013: the alphabet

Tweet In 2009 and 2011 I wrote posts titled The Alphabet of Right Now.  It seems fitting to do so for 2013, with both reflection and anticipation in my mind, from a place of both gratitude and hope. Aquaphor.  It’s my duct tape, the solution to everything, and can hold the universe together if necessary.  […]

The HerStories Project

Tweet My friends are vitally important to me.  I’ve written about them ad nauseum, from examination of which points in life are the most fertile for making friends to love letters to my sister, my first friend.  I write less about the messy moments in my friendships, but rest assured, I have those too. I […]

The most fear I have ever known

Tweet Today I am honored to be posting at Jessica Vealitzek’s blog, True Stories.  I met Jessica through our collaboration on Great New Books, and I’ve loved reading her work (and she has a novel coming out!).  She asked me to write on the topic of when I was the most scared.  It was hard […]

Two of my favorite things: books & surveys

Tweet Katie Noah Gibson’s blog always makes me smile.  It also makes me wish I could read faster, more, more more.  She writes thoughtful book reviews and inspiring posts about her town (which is also my town!).  I loved this “bookish survey” which combines two of my great loves – books and lists of random […]

7 years, and a question …

Tweet This is me, with my loves (missing one).  Please tell me about yourself? Tomorrow marks seven years that I’ve been blogging in this space.  Wow.  It’s hard to believe.  I have written about all the ways that this blog has changed how I live my life, so I won’t repeat myself here.  Lately, I’ve […]

Delight in Everyday Moments

Tweet I am really happy to be at Raising Loveliness today, sharing a couple of things lately that have caused me to gasp and think: what a wonderful world. Becky is today launching a free ebook called Awakening Wonder:  Discovering Delight in Everyday Moments.  I am genuinely honored to be a contributor.  Learn more about […]


Tweet Of the pieces I’ve written recently, This is 38 is one of my favorites.  Some of the Huffington Post comments stung, though honestly they mostly rolled off my back.  But there’s one that I can’t stop thinking about. The commenter noted that my post was all about my kids, and criticized me for having […]


Tweet A photo from this weekend that has nothing to do with this post. I just love it. Grace, Whit, and their cousins, my sister’s two daughters.  Looking out towards the horizon.   I loved this meme when I saw it for the first time on Writing, Wishing.  It reminded me of my own Alphabet […]

The Worry and the Wonder

Tweet When I was a very new mother, a close friend sent me a subscription to Brain, Child magazine.  It was the only magazine, she offered, in which she found the full spectrum of emotion and experience of motherhood.  I agree with her.  I was honored when they published a short story by me last […]

Jennifer Pastiloff: There is Room for All of Us

Tweet I first discovered Jennifer Pastiloff’s wonderful blog when I heard about her Five Most Beautiful Things Project.  I adore what she’s doing with that, and I love all of her writing.  I urge you to check it out: Jennifer writes powerfully and lucidly about the big questions of what it is to be human: […]