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an arms-outstretched yes to it all

Kristin Noelle’s blog, Trust Tending, has been one of my must-reads for several years.  I love what Kristin shares about all the ways in which we can protect, nourish, and grow trust in our lives.  Kristin’s work – both her writing and her illustrations (which I’ve always particularly loved) – exudes a kind of lambent, […]

2013: October, November, December

Grace turned eleven. We saw the Jerusalem IMAX movie and visited the Dead Sea Scrolls.  In the exhibit, we were able to write notes that would be sent to Jerusalem and put into the Western Wall.  Grace wrote “I would like to thank God for blessing me with an amazing family and everything I need.  […]

2013: July, August, September

We had a reunion with all of Matt’s family in Vermont over the Fourth of July. We had several wonderful sails with my parents in their seaside town in Massachusetts. Grace, Whit and I took our fourth annual trip to Legoland. Grace and Whit both went to sleepaway camp.  I cried as we drove away, […]

2013: April, May, June

The Boston Marathon bombings affected us all, triggering both fear and fierce pride. Whit started playing Little League for the first year.  His team, the Giants, had an undistinguished record but a whole lot of heart. We had a great day at Plimouth Plantation on Memorial Day. We marked the end of second and fourth […]

2013: January, February, March

Whit turned eight.  We celebrated with a small party: a trip to the batting cages, pizza, and Lego-shaped cupcakes. I had a spinal tap.  I do not recommend. Whit played with his hockey team on the ice during a Bruins game.  This was an enormous thrill for all. We had a marvelous family trip to […]

2013: the alphabet

In 2009 and 2011 I wrote posts titled The Alphabet of Right Now.  It seems fitting to do so for 2013, with both reflection and anticipation in my mind, from a place of both gratitude and hope. Aquaphor.  It’s my duct tape, the solution to everything, and can hold the universe together if necessary.  Chapped […]

The HerStories Project

My friends are vitally important to me.  I’ve written about them ad nauseum, from examination of which points in life are the most fertile for making friends to love letters to my sister, my first friend.  I write less about the messy moments in my friendships, but rest assured, I have those too. I am […]

The most fear I have ever known

Today I am honored to be posting at Jessica Vealitzek’s blog, True Stories.  I met Jessica through our collaboration on Great New Books, and I’ve loved reading her work (and she has a novel coming out!).  She asked me to write on the topic of when I was the most scared.  It was hard to […]

Two of my favorite things: books & surveys

Katie Noah Gibson’s blog always makes me smile.  It also makes me wish I could read faster, more, more more.  She writes thoughtful book reviews and inspiring posts about her town (which is also my town!).  I loved this “bookish survey” which combines two of my great loves – books and lists of random minutiae […]

7 years, and a question …

This is me, with my loves (missing one).  Please tell me about yourself? Tomorrow marks seven years that I’ve been blogging in this space.  Wow.  It’s hard to believe.  I have written about all the ways that this blog has changed how I live my life, so I won’t repeat myself here.  Lately, I’ve been […]