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Navigating by the Stars

  Hi!  Hope everybody is having a marvelous August.  It’s flown by here.  I’m looking forward to being back next week, but am popping on here to let you know I have a piece up on Medium today, Navigating by the Stars.  It’s about the 1998 trip to Kilimanjaro that I took with my then-new-boyfriend […]

Where I’ll be … August

Grace, Whit, and my best friend from camp’s daughter, years ago, on the beach where I spent so many summers It has been a tremendous privilege, not to mention hugely inspiring and educational, to join my friend Aidan in the Here Year.  She announced that she’ll be taking July and August to be here in […]

The key is just to start. Whatever it is.

I am so happy to be featured on MorphMom, a site focused on providing inspiration to working mothers of all stripes.  MorphMom, which is run by Kathleen Smith, believes in the value of the myriad identities many mothers carry inside of them. When you consider the first paragraph on my “about me” page you can […]

Ziplining and online highs

This weekend was our annual visit to Conway to celebrate the end of the year.  I’ve got a post in my head that I want to write about the adaptability of traditions and the tension between ritual and new adventures.  So, I will save details for that.  But while I was gone, two great things […]

The Space Between

Dad’s abiding faith in the life of the rational mind is matched by his profound wonder at the power of the ineffable, the territory of religious belief, that which is beyond the intellect. I grew up in the space between these two seemingly opposite poles, and instinctively understood the ways in which their paradox could […]

The Here Year

I don’t have a tattoo. But if I did, there’s no question what I would have.  It would be on the inside of my wrist, and it would be just three words: Be here now. Being present, being aware, and noticing my own life is arguably the central theme of this blog.  I want to […]

UberXL Boston!

I am a big Uber fan. My opinion is that Uber is one of those companies whose service literally redefines our experience in the world.  Though we don’t take a ton of cabs, we have entirely replaced their use with Uber.  I love everything about the Uber experience: the way you don’t have to make […]

My Writing Process

I was surprised, delighted, and flattered when Jamie Krug from Our Stroke of Luck asked me to participate in a blog tour about a writer’s process.  I first met Jamie, both online and soon thereafter in person, last summer, and I’ve loved getting to know her world through her thoughtful, thought-provoking, and lucid writing.  I […]

back soon!

These pictures were taken exactly 9 years ago (3/19 and 3/13 respectively).  Since it feels like only an hour or so has passed since then, I am feeling pretty panicky about how fast it’s all going.  This week is Grace and Whit’s spring break and I’m going to try to spend it entirely immersed in […]

28 Days of Play

I am delighted to be participating in Rachel Cedar’s marvelous, thought-provoking series about the power of, and occasional reluctance to, play.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading the posts each day and am happy to be featured today, talking about Grace’s passion for crafting and my commensurate dread of it. Please click over to read about Cake […]