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Word of the year 2016

In 2011 and 2012 I chose words of the year.  Then, in 2013, 2014, and 2015, I struggled to do so.  The struggle made me realize that I hadn’t chosen words in 2011 and 2012 so much as been chosen by words.  Trust and light just bubbled up in my consciousness, made themselves known as […]

Do people still read blogs? And, NINE years.

Our dessert at least week’s 15 year anniversary dinner.  Appropriate also to celebrate a 9 year blogging anniversary! Tomorrow, September 15, marks nine years I’ve been blogging here.  Can we talk about that?  NINE YEARS.  No wonder I often feel like a broken record.  But still, I have no plans to stop. Last month, I […]

An August hiatus

Last weekend on the ferry on our way home from Shelter Island.  I might do a little of this – napping, resting, closing my eyes – over the next month. Like I did last year, I plan to take August off from blogging.  I plan to spend the month living the vast design, and really […]

What’s next for me as a writer?

I loved my friend Nina’s piece about mulling over what’s next for her as a writer.  It rang every bell.  I’m often asked if or when I’m going to write a book, for example, and I stutter when I try to answer.  And then I’m asked what my blog is about, and I’m similarly tongue-tied […]

Knowing the tide’s coming in, but still celebrating the sand castles we can build before it does

So many people told me to read Ongoingness: The End of a Diary by Sarah Manguso.  Tens and tens of them.  So many I lost track.  And I finally I did.  And wow. Ongoingness is spare and sublime, a meditation on time and memory and motherhood and the meaning of life.  “The book’s themes are […]

Two years ago

it feels impossible not to acknowledge today, the marathon, the memory of two years ago.  I wrote this then and the picture gives me goosebumps.  Grace looked big then but of course now she’s two years taller and older.  At the last visit to the doctor, 5’1″.  And she runs more now – in fact […]

Right Now

I really loved Stacey‘s post about Taking Stock (inspired by Tamara‘s) and thought I’d borrow her format here.  Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, etc, right? It feels like we’re standing on the cusp of something, spring, perhaps, the turning towards a new season, and I want to mark it.  So, without further ado, […]

Mamalode: The Entire World Contracted

It feels fitting that Mamalode has published my piece, The Entire World Contracted, about a moment I’ll never forget during my first pregnancy, on the day my last baby turns 10 (which I will write about tomorrow!). I hope you will click over and read my short piece here. And the seasons, they go round […]

Looking back on the year: September, October, November, December

These were months when I was reminded over and over again of how swiftly time flies (even more than usually reminded, that is).  I joined my friend Allison in a new series, This is Adolescence, which I kicked off writing about eleven.  Grace started running cross-country and turned twelve.  I wrote about Whit’s imminent tenth […]

Looking back on the year: May, June, July, August

It was Matt’s birthday.  I joined my friend Aidan’s Here Year project.  We celebrated the end of 3rd and 5th grades with a family ziplining trip.  Grace, Whit, and I go to Niagara Falls.  It is jaw-droppingly gorgeous and wildly, tackily commercial at the same time.  Grace and Whit both go to sleepaway camp for […]