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I have been thinking a lot about the idea of homesickness.  It is an emotion I’m familiar with, but when I ponder the feeling more deeply, I find myself confused: what is home for me?  I’ve written at length about my peripatetic childhood and the slipperiness that engenders in my own sense of home.  Now, […]

The people who show up

Matt the day after surgery.  Things actually went seriously south after this, but they are stable now. For better or for worse, the last month has given me a lot of insight into certain friendships.  First let me say that Matt has an injury, not an illness, and he will be totally fine in time.  […]

the iridescent and the dark

I have sometimes thought that there are moments when you can see it all – and if not the future, then all that has come before. And I think also of the gathering net Evan threw into the water, and how he let it sink, and how he drew it up again, and how it […]

who are we?

I have been thinking a lot about this question of who we are.  Possibly precipitated by these these quotes which presented themselves to me over and over again this summer (reminding me, yet again, that there’s some inchoate logic behind what we think of when we think of it). Tell me who you love and […]

10 years

My first post here was on 9/15/06.  That is ten years ago last week.  The picture above was taken a couple of weeks before my first blog post. Ten years ago. It feels like yesterday and a lifetime ago that I thought, hmm, let’s try this.  Like all anniversaries, this one is an opportunity for […]

we know quite well it is not

It is not a life we are living.  It is life’s reward, beautiful because it seems eternal and because we know quite well it is not. – James Salter, There and Then

Things I Love Lately

 You Don’t Need An Extreme Bucket List to Find Happiness – I loved this piece by Mary Elizabeth Williams.  “I hope someday to see Machu Picchu. I fantasize about getting my master’s degree. There is a big world full of spectacular things, and I have so much I still want to experience within it. But […]

16 years

16 years ago last Friday Matt and I were married.  As you can see above, it rained during the ceremony and after before clearing into a gorgeous night.  We were so young then, just babies, full of optimism and suntans and grand plans and high hopes. So much has turned out precisely like we planned […]

we have to take wing

We have to take flight. It’s not given to us, served up on a pretty, parsley-bordered platter. We have to take wing. Was I brave enough to do that? Or would I be content to remain earthbound? -Elizabeth Church, The Atomic Weight of Love

Summer reading

I read a lot this summer.  At the outset of the season, as I wrote my mid-year reading review, I realized I hadn’t read much fiction this year.  So I swore to myself that the summer months would hold a lot of novels.  And they did.  I would love to hear what you’ve been reading, […]