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where the living is

Yet I’ve learned again and again I can’t go over, under, or around, and I can’t turn back.  No matter how high or rough the surf, going through every stage is where the living is. -Andrea Jarrell, I’m the One Who Got Away

Books for all ages

I love books.  I love books about books.  I love children’s books.  When Grace and Whit began reading I described it as feeling like the lights were going on.  I have a whole separate essay in my mind about what it felt like when they loved some and rejected others of my favorite books from […]

I’m not sure of anything

I do know that I love many believers and I pulse with gratitude that wants a locus and I wonder about the wonders I see around me and feel inside me. But I’m not sure of anything. -Kelly Corrigan, Tell Me More


I was thinking recently of the ways that my life – our lives – look different than they did a year ago.  When I look at this list, the fact that I feel vaguely dizzy makes more sense to me. Last year, two children played hockey and I was at the rink in Cambridge approximately […]


Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity. ~ Simone Weil Yet another gem from the luminous A First Sip.


I have bemoaned time’s swift passage my whole life.  I’m a broken record, actually: I write, I talk, and I think endlessly about this.  Tempus fugit was almost the name of this blog. And, suddenly, in the last couple of months, that has changed radically.  Now time’s crawling.  It’s been two months since my father […]

Make your way through it with grace

“Sometimes the answer is ‘This is life, in all its variety. Make your way through it with grace, and never forget that I love you.’ ” —Julia Spencer-Fleming, In the Bleak Midwinter Indeed.  Thank you to my friend Katie, on whose beautiful blog I found these words.


Dear Whit, This weekend you turned thirteen.  A teenager!  My second teenager, my first teenage boy.  The door has definitely closed on your young childhood, and with it a chapter of my life I have truly adored.  And you are, of course, a huge part of that. I love the young man you are becoming, […]

she lets the earth turn slowly around her

She lets the earth turn slowly around her and she thinks, you are doing this for a reason, and if you can’t see what comes next, you take each moment as it comes. – My Absolute Darling, Gabriel Tallent

Things I Love Lately

My Year of No Shopping – I love Ann Patchett’s piece about the year she gave up shopping.  I already do very little shopping (and literally cannot remember the last time I shopped for myself in an in-person store), and so many of her reasons resonate.  Shopping has always struck me as one of the […]