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Look for that pinprick of light

This is your assignment. Feel all the things. Feel the hard things. The inexplicable things, the things that make you disavow humanity’s capacity for redemption. Feel all the maddening paradoxes. Feel overwhelmed, crazy. Feel uncertain. Feel angry. Feel afraid. Feel powerless. Feel frozen. And then FOCUS. Pick up your pen. Pick up your paintbrush. Pick […]

Happy birthday

Dear Matt, Last year was nobody’s favorite year.  Not yours, not mine, not Grace’s, and not Whit’s.  A host of things were challenging, but none more than your injury.  At the end of August, you tore two of your hamstring tendons and wound up in surgery.  It was a stressful and scary week while we […]

both living and dying at the same time

All art holds the knowledge that we’re both living and dying at the same time.  It can hold it. -Marie Howe Every moment of life holds that knowledge, too.

Matrescence 2.0

December 2002 I loved reading The Birth of a Mother in the New York Times, and not just because that photograph reminded me of one of my favorite photos of Grace when she was a baby (see above, December 2002).  I read the article, which asserts that matrescence (the process of becoming a mother – […]

thin places

There is in Celtic mythology the notion of “thin places” in the universe where the visible and the invisible world come into their closest proximity. To seek such places is the vocation of the wise and the good – and for those that find them, the clearest communication between the temporal and eternal. Mountains and […]

The Bright Hour

The Bright Hour, Nina Riggs’ posthumously-published “memoir of living and dying” is about every mother’s nightmare and what I view as this life’s most essential, un-answerable question: how do I leave my children?  It’s also about saying goodbye to her mother after a long illness, and of doing that while facing cancer herself. Depressing, right? […]

what there is

To take what there is, and to use it, without waiting forever in vain for the preconceived – to dig deep into the actual and to get something out of that – this doubtless is the right way to live. -Henry James

In Between

April 16, 2017 Right now our family is living in between.  In between making decisions and those decisions becoming the fact of our lives.  In between being here and going.  In between the present and the future.  This applies mostly to Grace and Whit, both of whom will be going to new schools in September, […]

stop trying to fix

“Everything slows down when we listen and stop trying to fix the unfixable.” -Anne Lamott, Hallelujah Anyway The hardest thing in the world: Just listening.  Just being there.  Not trying to fix. Abiding.

Things I Love Lately

To She Who Persists – I’ve been hugely moved by John Pavlovitz’s writing lately, and I recommend it all.  This piece in particular touched me, and made me cry.  When he refers to the “near infinite chain of strong, intelligent, capable women, having to shout to be heard above the hissing, frantic noise of insecure men […]