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Raising strong girls (giveaway!)

Tweet Grace is hurtling towards adolescence with a speed that routinely makes me catch my breath.  It feels like yesterday I shared this piece about what I wanted her to know as she turned ten, and I actually wrote it two years ago.  When I hug her now the top of her head doesn’t even […]

How She Does It: Amy Williams

Tweet I’m delighted to feature Amy Williams in this months’ How She Does It interview.  Amy is the President of Citizens for Humanity jeans, a mother of five (three amazing stepchildren and twin daughters), a reader, a thinker, an absolutely wonderful human being, and someone I’m honored to call my friend. It was a tremendous […]

Awe is my religion

Tweet “If I believe in anything, it is in the dark night of the soul. Awe is my religion, and mystery is its church.” – Charles Simic Email this post

An American Childhood

Tweet Annie Dillard has been one of my very favorite writers for a long, long time.  A search of this blog’s archives brings up fully 2 pages of posts that reference her.  It is frankly inexplicable, then, that I hadn’t read An American Childhood before.  Perhaps the reason is that I was waiting for the […]

Can’t have one without the other

Tweet We had a spectacular spring break.  The trip to the Galapagos was more magical than our everyday life, of course, and Grace and Whit, sponges that they are, soaked it all up.  As we headed home, on the last morning, Grace was tearful. In the airport lounge (as we embarked on what would be […]

we have this life

Tweet We have some happy days and some unhappy days, some great loves and barren spaces.  We have this life, this instantaneous blossoming.  Will I ever learn not to choose among its moments, will I ever learn to walk both its hollow and hilly lands? – Ellen Gilchrist, Starcarbon I have been blogging so long […]

Lightness visible

Tweet “Mummy!” Whit spluttered as he came up, blowing water out of his mouth, his snorkel mask askew.  “Look!” He indicated below where he was treading water.  Simultaneously we ducked under.  I looked over and watched him gazing at the school of fish swarming along the bottom of the ocean.  The wonder was palpable in […]

Things I Love Lately

Tweet This is Childhood – Last year, I joined 9 other writers in a series called This is Childhood which celebrated each age between 1 and 10.  I’m happy to say that the series, along with significant additional material (including a foreword by Lisa Belkin), is being sold as a book by Brain, Child.  I […]

It will make you speechless

Tweet “So this is reality, I thought.  It’s hot and bare and permanent, it’s broken and chipped and huge, it will last forever, even in ruins, it will make you speechless.” – Susanna Kaysen, Cambridge Email this post

Grit and heart

Tweet I write all the time about the confounding, mysterious nature of memory, and of how it is the smallest, most minute moments that often endure the most sturdily for me.  Once in a while, though, there is an experience that trumpets its power even as I live it. Whit’s championship hockey finals were one […]