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An August hiatus

Last weekend on the ferry on our way home from Shelter Island.  I might do a little of this – napping, resting, closing my eyes – over the next month. Like I did last year, I plan to take August off from blogging.  I plan to spend the month living the vast design, and really […]

The Goop Questionnaire

  My love of random questionnaires and of the minutiae of our lives is well-documented.  I do think that it’s in the tiny stuff that we can see glimpses of the entire, shimmering whole of life.  I also think that random details are just plain fun. I found the Goop questionnaire recently and thought I’d […]

Excited and sad at the same time.

A short-lived smile, by the flower garden next to her cabin.  Cosmos always remind me powerfully of my maternal grandmother, Nana, and given the proximity of them to Grace’s cabin, I like to think she’s watching over her great-granddaughter at camp. Right before the final goodbye.  Right before I took this, he looked at me […]

what consoles us and what redeems us

Our hermitage is the act of living with attention in the midst of things: amid the rhythms of work and love, the bath with the child, the endlessly growing paperwork, the ever-present likelihood of war, the necessity for taking action to help the world. For us, a good spiritual life is permeable and robust. It […]

Things I Love Lately

 Have Kids, Will Travel – this post by Annie Flavin is full of beautiful photographs and deep truths.  She has younger children than I do, but has the same approach to life: choosing the top right quadrant, where both adventure and exhaustion live.  Yes, yes, and yes.  What did we do before them?  I ask […]

They are not long, the days of Percy Jackson and nail art

These are days so swollen and wonderful I can barely look at them directly because my heart aches.  It feels like staring into the sun.  I’m so aware of time flying through my fingers even as I grasp at it.  We’re more than halfway through the summer.  This week the children go to sleepaway camp.  […]

things that don’t need explaining

It’s not about having things figured out, or about communicating with other people, trying to make them understand what you understand. It’s about a chicken dinner at a drive-in. A soft pillow. Things that don’t need explaining. – Ann Beattie

Family Play List

On Sunday, as we drove home from a wonderful, relaxing weekend by the ocean, we listened to Top 40.  When the four of us are in the car, music is always a topic of heated debate.  Matt prefers satellite radio, preferably the 70s or Classic Rock stations, Whit prefers country (Remember?  He’s from Texas), Grace […]

Boys and girls

May 2005 There’s one thing I totally failed to say in my post about the World Cup.  It is that one of my very favorite things about the phenomenon I observed of people falling in love with the US women’s soccer team was how it happened to both boys and girls.  Whit was as excited […]

to be at peace with myself

I want first of all to be at peace with myself. I want a singleness of eye, a purity of intention, a central core to my life that will enable me to carry out these obligations and activities as well as I can. I want, in fact – to borrow from the language of the […]