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my awe at the gift of life

What I know for sure is this: We come from mystery and we return to mystery. I arrived here with no bad memories of wherever I’d come from, so I have no good reason to fear the place to which I’ll return. And I know this, too: Standing closer to the reality of death awakens […]

your days are short here

I have had Adlai Stevenson’s line about “your days are short here” in my head recently. I love his whole speech, in particular those last lines, and have written about them before.  But it’s specifically the notion of something drawing to a close that feels salient to me right now. I can’t get the line […]

Snow, then and now

Winter has hit Boston.  All of a sudden, there are snow days, snow piles, neighbors shoveling in the streets, and aggravated drivers finding roads that have turned unexpectedly one-way.  On Saturday morning we decided to go for a family sled.  There was some bickering, some raised voices, some aggravation (not the least of it, mine).  […]

love and loss conjoined

I wanted her to see that the only life worth living is a life full of love; that loss is always part of the occasion; that love and loss conjoined are the best opportunity we get to live fully, to be our strongest, our most compassionate, our most graceful selves. -Pam Houston This is one […]

Conscious of our treasures

On Monday night, I watched part of Whit’s hockey practice.  I stood at the end of the rink, watching him through the scuffed plexiglass (I can always identify him because he has red laces in his skates), and was overcome with a swell of contentment.  Thornton Wilder’s words, which always remind me of Aidan, rose […]

Around here lately

Whit spent a week studying the reproductive system in school.  On the last day of the unit, they watched a video of a birth.  “How was it?” I asked him. He thought for a minute and then answered, “Gunky.” **** One Friday night in late January, after family dinner, Grace, Whit and I spent a […]

joy to be found

I am still full of questions, but life has taught me this: Love moves with us.  Always, there is joy to be found. -Connie Schultz Yet another perfect quote that I found on First Sip.

Things I Love Lately

I’ll be honest.  I’m not loving a lot right now, since I’m preoccupied with what’s going on in our country.  But when I am not reading news, I’m trying to distract myself, I’ll be honest.  I’d love to hear what you are reading, thinking about, and loving lately. MARS – Whit and I are watching […]

Be here now

I loved Michiko Kakutani’s wonderful article about Obama the reader, Obama the writer, as he prepares to leave the White House. There was much about the piece that moved me, but it’s this line I can’t stop thinking about: He has a writer’s sensibility — an ability to be in the moment while standing apart […]

what is

A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be. – Albert Einstein