Things I Love Lately

Night Walks With My Teens (Who Are About to Leave Me) – My adoration and admiration of Catherine Newman’s work is not a secret, and this may be my favorite piece of hers I’ve read so far.  To say it resonated, as I faced a daughter leaving, is an understatement.  This is a must read.

Sophie & Lili watercolor portraits – I love these portraits, fro photographs, and it’s possible one will be under the tree for a family member.  It is getting tight for the holidays, but what great gift ideas these are for birthdays, mother’s and father’s day, and, really anything.

Lovebug priobiotics -I’m a big probiotic fan and have long taken them myself as well as made sure Whit and Grace do.  This new line, whose name I adore (my mother called me “lovebug” when I was a child) is my new favorite.  We are all taking them.  Marvelous.

With Love, from the Naked Ladies in Goggles – I love this piece in Lenny by Susannah Meadows, because it so gorgeously captures everday life and the ways in which female friendship can sustain us.  I wish I had a locker room like this.

The Unfeathering of the Nest – Oh, my.  Weeping.  So much of this resonated when I read it, 1.5 weeks before Grace left, and does still, now.  I have known this day was coming and still, it feels so, so hard.

I Am the Keeper – Every word of this is familiar to me.  I’ve written before about being the filler (of the Britas, of the gas tanks, of the spirits, of the lunch boxes) and the emptier (of the backpacks, of the outgrown clothes, of uncomfortable emotions).  I wouldn’t want any other primary role in life, but it’s a lot.

I write these Things I Love posts approximately every month.  All of my previous posts are here.

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