the days were finite, full of awe

I didn’t want to see for miles.  I didn’t want to peer into a telescope and spot the highway in the distance, the farms on the periphery the birds in formation.  I wanted to stand at the base of the bird tower and crane my neck toward Chris and Hannah, bathed in sunlight, golden.  Love was foolish and inevitable. We were just waiting to be shattered by it. The days were finite, full of awe.

– Lauren Fox, Days of Awe

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  1. Richard Kennedy
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    Love this quote. I have the book, ‘Days of Awe,’ of course it’s in the TBR stack. Picked it up based on your kind mention. I just listened to the Audible squib and was bowled over, again, by the prose. Very next to read now. Am reading ‘Midair,’ by Kodi Scheer, a new author for us. She certainly has the educational pedigree to go with the writerly talent.’Midair’ is a masterfully compact and clever undertaking. Ms Scheer, a bit of a daredevil, has become a force to be considered and reckoned with.

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    You’re back!!

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    love it!