all that I know to be true right now

I’d have to stare at them all night to take them in.  It’s tempting.  I plant a kiss on each of their heads.  It will never be enough.  A lifetime of kisses would not fill the space in me that belongs to them.  In the morning, when they come for me before the sun is up, begging me to get up and insisting that they’re starving, I will search again for the feeling I have this moment, this sacred calm to stand against the day’s obligations and terrors that conspire to blow disappearing dust over all that I know to be true right now.

– Laura Nicole Diamond, Shelter Us

Thank you, Kathie, for giving me this beautiful book for my birthday!

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  2. Anya
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    Yes. Exactly. ,

  3. Kathie
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    The epitome of the truth of motherhood. xoxoxo

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    Lindsey, what a beautiful gift to wake up to today, seeing that you had shared a passage from my novel, Shelter Us, with your readers. Thank you for that wonderful gesture. It’s an honor to be in such great company!
    Warmly, Laura