2013: July, August, September


We had a reunion with all of Matt’s family in Vermont over the Fourth of July.

We had several wonderful sails with my parents in their seaside town in Massachusetts.

Grace, Whit and I took our fourth annual trip to Legoland.

Grace and Whit both went to sleepaway camp.  I cried as we drove away, but maybe not for the reason you think.

Whit’s godmother, one of my dearest friends came to visit on her way back to Beijing.

We spent a week as a family on Lake Champlain, a tradition that has come to mean an enormous amount to us.

My favorite post: It’s Not All Shiny

My favorite quote (of this season and, very possibly, of all):

“Life gives us what we need when we need it,” she said.  “Receiving what it gives us is a whole other thing.”

– Pam Houston, In My Next Life

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