2012: February

It seemed like everywhere I turned, I kept seeing the moon rising in the late-afternoon sky.

With my cousin Allison, we drove to CT for a now-ritual visit with Pops and Helen (above).  We had no way of knowing that by October they would both be gone.

My favorite blog post this month: Lonely.

I was proud to see one of my essays, My Subject Chose Me, published on Literary Mama.

Grace and her best friend had a small Valentine’s Day party at our house.  Sugar and pink ruled.

Whit performed in the annual 1st grade “music and dance” assembly, and the air was so suffused with loss and wonder I could barely breathe.

Twice we went to the new playground by the river, both times early on Sunday mornings.

“Throughout my whole life,” he noted later, “during every minute of it, the world has been gradually lighting up and blazing before my eyes until it has come to surround me, entirely lit up from within.” – Annie Dillard, For the Time Being

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    Beautiful!! I loved Lovely too.